Monday, January 21, 2008

A poem on customer service...

Here is a poem Ithat Edgar A. Guest in 1942 wrote about the subject of
good service called "Good Business".

If I possessed a shop or store,I'd drive the grouches off my floor!
I'd never let a gloomy guyoffend the folks who come into buy
I'd never keep a boy or clerkwith a mental toothache at his work,
Nor let a man who draws my paydrive customers of mine away.

I'd treat the man who takes my timeand spends a nickel or a dime,
with courtesy and make him feelthat I was pleased to close the deal
because tomorrow, who can tell?He may want stuff I have to sell,
and in that case, then he will beglad to spend all his dollars with me.

The reason people pass one door to patronize another store,
it is not because the business placehas better silk, or gloves, or lace
or cheaper prices, but it lies in pleasant words and smiling eyes;
The only difference, I believe, is in the treatment folks receive.

What say you? Any thoughts, comments?

Eric Fraterman

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